Set It Up (Netflix) Please don’t

What a stupid movie I thought only a day after watching this Netflix movie. The movie stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell with Co-Stars Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs.  The premise is simple and dumb. Look I don’t want to bash a movie that in general is ok. I understand why this movie was made. but really why?

Nobody asked for it and it feels like a movie that should of been made in 2004. The rom-coms of the early 2000s oh yes. Only this one feels like it was on the low end of the worst of them.  When I watched the trailer a month before it came out I thought well this could be a guilty pleasure. I enjoy watching Lucy Liu for reasons we don’t need to go into in this review. And hey Taye Diggs? what’s he been doing as of late? So yeah I wasn’t super excited yet I wasn’t like “Oh God why?”

So what’s this garbage movie about? Taye Diggs is an A Hole and nobody really likes him. His ex wife hates him and for good reason. He mean and really I didn’t like him or care that he was going to get set it up with Lucy Liu’s character who is almost on equal par. Zoey and Glens characters are overworked and sick of their bosses. They just need some time to be them and get away from work. So what would any assistant or secretary do? They would set it up with the worst humans on earth. YES! let’s root for the a holes!! Because even A Holes need love too!

With every stereo type known and put in this movie like the Gay roommate whose witty and hates Glen current super hot vain model girlfriend. Yep the witty gay roommate. what’s next the weird security guard? Yep. Wait what? Next you’re gonna tell me Glen breaks it off with his super hot vain model girlfriend to be with the plan jane Zoey? No spoilers here. Just don’t watch this garbage. Read a model magazine or better yet watch Charlie’s Angels! A much better guilty pleasure movie. Even Full throttle was a masterpiece compared to this garrrrrbage.

So why do we care if the most rude and disrespectful Lucy and Taye get together? We don’t. What a dumb movie. I would recommend watching the worst Hallmark movie 5 times instead. I would recommend watching anything else.  Don’t waste the short amount of time we have on this planet with this piece of trash.

What a sad decision Tayes character makes towards the end.  It didn’t really make sense. It felt like the script wasn’t done and they started shooting. When they got to the edit they were all like…. Hmmm what’s the one decision he would make that the audience would hate?  Got it!!! I won’t spoil the ending as you could predict what will happen to these idiots. I feel bad at times we pay for Netflix, only to be given this turd of a movie.

Final Snore: 5 snores out of 5 snores. This is a certified snoozer. It’s sad as a movie fan of simple, fun rom coms of the 2000’s I was hoping for something much much more. It’s a shame that we couldn’t get anything better. Oh well it feels like we got set it up.